Soft furnishing

Soft furnishing and upholstery

Our soft furnishing and upholstery colleague will make beautiful curtains, door hangings and soft furnishings for your home. She is trained in traditional upholstery methods using hessian and coir, and, for a bit of old school luxury, try diamond tufting: great for luxury headboards!
She also specialises in re-upholstering Lloyd Loom sprung chair seats with lovely fabrics she’s personally sourced.

Soft furnishings & upholstery, curtains, cushions, sewing for interiors, from Abode home services, South east UK
  • Curtains
  • Door hangings
  • Headboards
  • Upholstery
  • Re-uphostery
  • Traditional upholstery
  • Hessian & coir upholstery
  • Diamond tufting upholstery
  • Re-upholstering Lloyd Loom chairs
  • Fabric sourcing

We do a lot more than soft furnishing and upholstery…

In addition to soft furnishing and upholstery, we have specialists in most aspects of building work such as plastering, carpentry and joinery, insulation, plumbing, garden maintenance and construction, locksmith services, casting & moulding and all the trades for your project. We cover all of the South East of the UK: Sussex, Kent, Surrey and outer London – south of the A21.
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Qualified local trades

We serve most locations in the South East, providing joinery, Carpentry, Plumbing, Building, Insulation and more in
East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Outer London (south of A21)

East Sussex
  • Joinery East Sussex
  • Carpentry East Sussex
  • Plumbing East Sussex
  • Insulation East Sussex
  • Renovation and Restoration Sussex
  • Locksmith Sussex
  • Soft furnishing Sussex
  • Joinery Kent
  • Carpentry Kent
  • Plumbing Kent
  • Insulation Kent
  • Renovation and Restoration Kent
  • Locksmith Kent
  • Soft furnishing Kent
  • Joinery Surrey
  • Carpentry Surrey
  • Plumbing Surrey
  • Insulation Surrey
  • Renovation and Restoration Surrey
  • Locksmith Surrey
  • Soft furnishing Surrey
Outer London
  • Joinery Outer London
  • Carpentry Outer London
  • Plumbing Outer London
  • Insulation Outer London
  • Renovation and Restoration Outer London
  • Locksmith Outer London
  • Soft furnishing Outer London
Joinery & Carpentry

Home gym
Timber extension
Wooden building construction
Timber constructions
Construction of Timber studio
Veranda construction
Kitchen installation
Bespoke kitchen fitting
New bathroom – build and install
Door hanging
Floor fixing
Floorboards repair
Skirting boards
Wooden windows
Window repair
Bespoke furniture
Bespoke cabinet building
Building wardrobes
Boxing in pipes
Outdoor buildings
Garden construction


All aspects of plumbing work:
Plumbing Installations
Plumbing Repairs
Wet rooms
Showers & sinks
Leaking sinks, toilets

All kinds of natural gas work:
Central heating
Boiler installations
Boiler Replacements
Full Heating Systems
Gas Servicing and Repairs


Plaster restoration
Special plaster finishes
Plastering for listed buildings
Plastering conservation work
Plastering interiors
Exterior plastering

Renovation & Restoration

Plaster restoration
Coving and decorative finishes
Wooden windows restoration
Wooden staircase repairs
Balustrade restoration & repair
Doors and windows in period
property restoration and repair
All restoration & repair for listed buildings


Loft insulation
Roof insulation
Floor insulation
Cavity wall insulation
External wall insulation
Loft/Roof insulation
Solid Wall insulation

Partner Trades

Soft furnishings
Casting & moulding